4 Podcasts to listen to if you want to find out how businesses are coping with Covid-19

Asta Diabaté
3 min readMay 5, 2020
Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Sharing my go-to playlist of podcasts about businesses and how they’re reacting to the pandemic.

Lockdown is still on-going even though some countries are now easing restrictions. Many businesses have shut temporarily: some of them will struggle to open when things will go back to “normal” (if they ever will). Necessity is the mother of all invention and these businesses, whether they are unicorns or your mom and pop shop are trying and learning to adapt.

Here are 4 podcasts that share some of their stories.

1. Courier Daily

This has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts and it has managed to sneak into my daily listening routine. Every day the host talks to business and startups owners around the globe in all sorts of industries, from travel, retail, to tech, and how they are pivoting and adapting in these crazy times. Expect to hear stories like the one of Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the Managing Director of Fears Watch that is now working part-time at Asda to keep its employees employed.

Must listen: Courier Daily — Thursday 23 April

2. How I Built Resilience by How I Built This

Every Monday Guy Raz delights us with an hour-long interview of an entrepreneur and the business they have built. Every episode has the power to inspire me and I’m constantly looking for the last question Guy asks: is your success down to luck or hard work? Swoon. Among my favourite recent episodes are the stories of Birchbox and Gimlet Media. But since Covid-19 has swept the world, you can expect to hear Guy hosting online convos with entrepreneurs about how they’re dealing with…



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